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Automatic palletizing machine

Features of the automatic palletizer:


The automatic palletizing machine puts the whole pallet into the pallet stacking area. After the conditions and requirements are met after the booting, the heavy pallet conveying device first sends the heavy pallets at the end of the stacking to the outlet, and then automatically loads the pallets, and the automatic palletizing machine automatically Automatically organize the cylindrical flat-top tinplate barrels or plastic buckets on the assembly line and layer the automatic equipment on the specified pallets as required.


The automatic palletizing machine improves the labor efficiency, reduces the labor intensity and reduces the human resources for the enterprise, and the automatic palletizing machine realizes the mechanical automatic production. The automatic palletizer makes it possible for the company to refine, digitally manage, reduce costs and increase efficiency.


The working principle of the automatic palletizer:


The workpiece on the slab conforms to the stack of workpieces required by the pallet, and the slab and the workpiece move forward until the vertical plane of the pallet. The upper bar is lowered, and the other three positioning bar starts to clamp, and the plate is reset. Each workpiece is lowered to the plane of the pallet, and the plane of the pallet is 10 mm away from the bottom surface of the panel, and the pallet is lowered by one workpiece height. Reciprocate the above until the pallet stacking code meets the set requirements.

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